Press Release

ITASSA: First worldwide Commercial Aircraft Seat Suppliers’ Association

ITASSA – International Transport Aircraft Seating Suppliers’ Association will serve the airline interior industry as one competent service for all involved parties.

The primary purpose and objective of ITASSA is to provide an effective instrumentality to harmonize quality certification and regulations through which the membership can standardize common interest issues. ITASSA offers its members the opportunity to discuss within three working groups some of the following issues:

* Tracking aircraft passenger seat industry regulatory changes and generating comments for purposes of influencing the development of regulatory efforts.
* Tracking the development of emerging technologies in the passenger seat industry, including, but not limited to, the incorporation and integration of in-flight entertainment, PC Power and other electrical components and systems and creating standards where appropriate.
* Evaluating and recommending improved OEM interface processes and operating frameworks.

As the commercial aviation industry continues to restructure and evolve, a greater level of collaboration is required between seat suppliers, airframe OEMs, IFE/electrical suppliers and regulatory authorities. The introduction of new airframe models such as the A380 and B 7E7 require innovative new products and improvements to existing business processes. Emerging new materials and technologies require evaluation and certification to changing and increasingly stringent regulatory standards. Members of ITASSA believe that these and other challenges can be more effectively addressed with the help of an industry association. ITASSA members believe that the association adds value to the entire industry as it allows all key-players to focus on their key-competencies; innovation for the future.

The activities of ITASSA are, in addition to and will not replace the work our members are currently performing within various OEM working groups or industry committees, such as ARINC or SAE, but add the value of specific aircraft seating know how.

The founding member companies include: Avio Interiors S.P.A., B/E Aerospace, Britax, Koito Industries, Recaro Aircraft Seating and Zodiac.

Formed as a non-profit corporation based in the United Kingdom, ITASSA represents the common interests of commercial aircraft seating suppliers.

For further information:

ITASSA, P.O. Box 2103, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England. BN43 5TU